8 Wedding Venues You May Want to Consider

8 Wedding Venues You May Want to Consider

Although almost every aspect of a wedding is optional such as wearing a suit instead of the traditional wedding gown, ditching the flowers, or forsaking the wedding cake, there’s one crucial thing that you can’t renounce: the venue! Of course, you need a place somewhere for your friends and family to meet up and celebrate.

However, with so many options to select from, searching for the perfect venue can be pretty difficult. Whether you’re looking for a classic ballroom, a picturesque barn, a comfortable restaurant, or a calm stretch of beach, it can be really overwhelming. In order to help you choose the right style and venue, here we’ve listed five of the most popular types to guide you through this fun and challenging process. Be sure to read on especially if you’re undecided when it comes to booking the ideal wedding venue.

House of Worship Wedding Venue

Many couples still choose to hold their ceremonies in a religious building a church, temple, mosque, synagogue, or other places of worship. Although you may decide to have your reception elsewhere, there are several houses of worship with event space that can board wedding receptions.

Banquet Hall Wedding Venue

This type of space is dedicated to holding special events you can be sure that the staff knows what they’re doing. Banquet halls are normally all-inclusive and provide a lot of amenities such as catering and rentals, on-site, which can make things easier when it comes to coordinating your wedding.

Hotel Wedding Venue

If you are considering a hotel wedding venue, it can provide you with a variety of choices when it comes to celebrating inside and out, as well as the option for your wedding guests to stay overnight. You have to be aware that there may be another wedding venue taking place on the same day but in another part of the hotel.

But with exclusive use of the wedding venue, you may be given a dedicated wedding planner and as most hotels come with restaurants, there will be an in-house catering team to cook and serve the food at your celebration. It’s an advantage to get married in a hotel since it will offer you with you need from glasses to linens to cutlery to set up and many more.

Historic Home Wedding Venue

It’s truly amazing how you can get married at a location that has historical significance, there is just something unique with it, right? If this is what you would want, it’s a great idea because historic homes or mansions have striking architecture, and usually both outdoor and indoor spaces for ceremonies and receptions. However, you need to know that there may be some regulations in place for these sites to keep their historic appeal so make sure to ask the hotel before booking.

Farm or Barn Wedding Venue

If you’re feeling extra “rustic” for your wedding, then the barn or farm is the best wedding venue to do that. It might just take some little responsibility on the part of you and your wedding vendors to make a barn or farm venue wedding-ready in regards to bringing in décor and rentals, but the results in the end will amaze you!

Theatre Wedding Venue

Looking for more extra-ordinary? Why not celebrate your wedding at a theatre, especially if you both have a talent for the dramatic? It’s going to be one of the most unique types of wedding venues. And although theatres provide special spaces for weddings, why not get married on stage? But just make sure to reserve and coordinate early so that there isn’t a scheduled performance.

Modern Space or Loft Wedding Venue

Lofts and modern spaces are considered to be popular city venues, normally fabricated with industrial glamour. Most of these are distinctive “blank slate”- style rooms, which allow you to use decor and lighting to dramatically change into a space that truly shows your personal style.

Beach Wedding Venue

And of course, everybody’s favourite! For plenty of people, getting married with your toes in the sand and the waves crashing behind you can be a dream come true. Beach weddings are definitely laid-back and relaxed, so who doesn’t want to be invited? Just check that the venue you select has a backup indoor option in case of unexpected bad weather.