5 Tips For Eyebrow Care, Which Every Girl Should Know

5 Tips For Eyebrow Care, Which Every Girl Should Know

Usually, girls have rather complicated relationships with the eyebrows care: whether they grow like bushes, or, conversely, do not get out of the state of strings – they can upset their owner to the depths of their soul. We have news for you: problems end! Thanks to these tips, your eyebrows will look just great (and not as two sick caterpillars).

Eyebrow care Use the right makeupeyebrow care

No one wants his eyebrows to attract attention to the face first thing. To avoid screaming eye-catching eyebrows, use a pencil for eyebrows, and not lipstick. Use lipstick, only if you know how to use it, and apply it in small portions! Read more: Named the 5 best ways to prevent colds

Eyebrow brush is your best friendeyebrow care

It is great to “comb” your eyebrows. Sprinkle it with a hairspray and “lay” eyebrows – for the whole day!

Use a spoon for the perfect shape of the eyebrowseyebrow care

The contour of the spoon will help you to give the eyebrows an excellent shape. Place the spoon under the eyebrow and follow its bends with a pencil or brush. Now the line of your eyebrows is amazing! Read more: 7 beauty secrets of hydrogen peroxide

Eyeshadow can also come in handyeyebrow care

Instead of spending a lot of money on different eyebrow pencils, use shadows! Just apply shadows that are close in color to your eyebrows, directly on the eyebrows with a brush. If you want to get a more saturated color – pre-moisten the brush.

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To make eyebrows look neat – do not forget about concealereyebrow care

It is not always possible to apply makeup on the first attempt, especially when it comes to eyebrows. Do you want to make the make-up neat and do not do it again? The concealer will help hide any excess under the eyebrow line and slightly emphasize the eyebrows themselves!

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