Truth About Mold That Nobody Told You

Truth About Mold That Nobody Told You

You might have heard about the mold and how it can cause complications in your life and in severe cases it can be life threatening. But not all the things that you hear about them is entirely true. Most companies use scare tactics to fool their audience to make them fork over their money to them. There was a need to blow the whistle on their tactics and establish some facts about the mold. To gather all these facts, we sat down with a professional mold cleaning company in Simi Valley and talked to their experts.

Companies use the word ‘’black mold’’ like the ‘’black plague’’. Most of us are aware that the black mold is poisonous, which is why they use they use it to scare their customers. First of all, there are about a hundred thousand species of mold and they are in a variety of shapes, sizes, color and properties. To be able to judge that it is actually a black mold would require a thorough inspection under the microscope.

If you see black fungus like thing growing in the corners of your kitchen, basement or bathroom, it is not necessary that it is black mold! They grow under specific conditions that are not available in every house. But on the off chance it is black mold, get it removed! You don’t need to get your whole house tested for the type of mold that is growing. Getting rid of it is the actual ordeal.

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Most companies can trick their customers to pay separately for the testing and then separate for the removal process. While not all mold removal services in Simi Valley do that, but it is a common practice to be aware of! So, if you spot mold, get rid of it instead of getting tests for it. No proof is better than what the eye can see! Now coming to health concerns. According to research conducted in Simi Valley, they deduced that the air in the house is more polluted than outside. Considering we spend about 85% of our time in our homes, we really need to solve this problem. Which is why indoor air quality matters when it comes to our health.

Mold can grow anywhere there is cool and dampness. That means places like the kitchen, under the kitchen sink, bathroom, basements. It is common for households to have mold growing somewhere in the corner. This happens because mold is a type of fungus, and it spreads with the help of airborne spores. About 50% to 65% of houses have a mold problem. It is not a cause of concern most of the time, but if the spread reaches unsafe levels, then it can cause complications like breathing problems, allergies, headaches, fatigue, nausea, nose bleeds and an array of other problems. These symptoms are from average molds that grow in houses like mildew. It is very unlikely that a person can die from inhaling mold infested air but it can surely cause health problems.

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Mold is not the only substance causing air pollution indoors, there are a number of factors including but not limited to carbon monoxide, lead, chimney fireplaces, stove, cigarette, care products and much more. So, if you experience any complications it isn’t fair to blame it all on mold alone! If you can smell dampness in the air, or the air smell musky, then it is safe to assume that your residence has a very high concentration of mold growing somewhere and it needs to be taken care of as soon as possible before it causes damage to health and property.

As mold has the property to grow by breaking down things it grows on and consume it as food, it can make your woodwork like drywall, furniture hollow from inside. It can even grow on plastic, metal, glass, dust, any debris that has enough moisture.

So, if you see or smell anything moldy you should consider getting an inspection from a mold remediation service to eliminate the possibility of mold infestation and make sure your air has fewer allergens to ensure good health and hygiene. Especially if you have elderly parents or small children in your house. They will also repair any damages that were caused by the mold. You need to know the process as some companies will trick you into thinking its rocket science, so to protect yourself from being ripped off it is better to be educated.

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The process of mold removal requires great care, as it is easy for the mold to spread and grow. The first thing to stop is the moisture. Mold cannot grow at places with no moisture. If its moisture supply is cut off, the mold will cease to exist, like any other living organism. When dealing with high levels of mold, it is recommended to get professional assistance, as they will have the right tools for the job.

After cutting off its source of moisture, they will discard all parts that have sustained high damage and are irreparable. The mold inspection company will remove the allergens (spores) from the air. This requires High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter vacuums to capture small particles of the mold. Regular filters cannot be used for this. The rooms will be sealed up with plastic as re infestation is very easy due to the spread being airborne. They will also use antimicrobial chemicals to clean mold stains.

Again, all this process is for high levels of mold concentration! Average mold concentrations can be taken care of by the homeowner within two rounds to the supply store and a free weekend. But having a professional set of hands never hurts anyone. So, keep your house clean and get routine checkups of water sources and leakages as moisture is the key element.

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