Choosing the Preschool for Your Kids Carving Impressions on Their Early Childhood

Choosing the Preschool for Your Kids Carving Impressions on Their Early Childhood

Choosing the best preschool in Ashburn VA is one of the most crucial moments of the lives of both the parents and the kids. We all know that the early years of the education of the child makes the backbone of his/her career and overall future.

Importance of Early Childhood Years

According to psychology, the early years of the life of a child are very important because they cast the irreversible impressions on the personality which cannot be separated till death.

The childhood healthy psychic experiences or trauma dictates the person’s involuntary actions and reactions. The early childhood experiences have a lasting emotional and mental effect on the human brain.

From birth to the age of 5 years, the human brain develops more than any other age. The confidence built in this age span deeply influences a child’s personality throughout his/her lifespan. Coincidentally, this age span is the same as the preschool duration.

It automatically depicts the importance of the best preschool and carefulness while choosing it. Any recklessness in this matter can seriously affect a child’s psyche.

  • Psychology says that ninety percent of our brain develops between after birth until 5 years. These five years should be handled with extreme care so that kids are helped to reach their fullest possible potential. This foundational potential will pave their way to a healthy and fullest happy upcoming life.
  • When a child is born, it is born with all the neurons needed for its lifespan. But, the connections between these neurons are made in these years. As John Locke gives the concept of “Tabula Rasa”, we come to know that a human brain is born like a blank slate but during these early childhood years, that slate is filled.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that these blank slates are filled with beautiful, healthy and pleasant memories.
  • A child’s everyday experiences make the connections between his/her brain neurons. When a child goes to preschool every day then obviously the major experiences, he/she is going to have will be at that place.
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Choosing the Best Preschool

Hence, it is an utmost responsibility on the parent’s behalf to choose the best preschool for their kids in order to ensure their best upbringing and make them a useful individual and a responsible citizen. But the question arises that how to make the best choice of the preschool.

You need to understand that you do not have to look for the best preschool but you have to look for the one which is best for your kid. It means that the preschools which are only popular are the best ones or they have marketed themselves to be such, will not guarantee to be the best one for your kid too.

Hence, in order to make sure that your choice is the right one, you have to take some essential steps.

So, there are some tips that can help you to direct your way towards the choice of the best preschool for your kids.

Understanding Your Child

Understanding your child should be the first step before making any decision for him/her. Even though preschools admit kids at a very early age but still the first two or three years of the child’s life are solely dependent on the parents.

Thus, before choosing the right preschool for your kid, you need to understand the liking and disliking of your kid. You need to see where does your child lack already and what are his/her strengths. We all know that the correct needs’ analysis leads to the best decision.

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So, analyze and understand your kid’s personality really well before going out on the hunt for your child’s preschool.

Hunting the Best Preschool

So, now when you are sure of what your kid needs, you are ready to be off for the best preschool hint which can serve your kid just perfectly. Hence, the things which you pay attention to are:

The Teachers

The importance of good teachers is not a secret to anyone. The teachers at any age can make or break their students. They matter even more at this age, so, it is really important that you pay great attention to the personality, qualifications, and experience of teachers. The responsive, loving and caring relationships your kid will have at this age are going to influence their relationships for their whole life.

You have every right to interview or meet the teachers before admitting your kid into some preschool. If you do not like the teacher’s personality then it is recommended that you keep your kid away from that school.

You do not want your kid to spend their lives recovering from the hateful comments made by their teachers or the negative or pessimistic personality influencing them for their whole life.

The Overall Environment

As you know your kid the most, you will know your kid’s preferable environment so you can choose accordingly. If your kid has an introverted or extroverted personality, you can look for a suitable preschool according to that.

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You should know that you need to teach your kids to be comfortable while coming out of the bubble of their comfort zone. So, you need to look for the school which best suits your kid’s personality and make him/her explore the hidden parts of his/her personality while polishing the strengths which are already discovered.

The Location and Fees

The next thing which can influence you more than it influences the kid is choosing the preschool whose location is near to your residence or workplace. It is better that you choose a place which is nearby so you can reach your kid within minutes in any case of emergency or even just for a visit.

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